Freddi Wald

Best Seattle Area Museums

The birthplace of Starbucks, location of Pike Place Market, and home to the Space Needle and other iconic landmarks, there’s no doubt that Seattle is a place of immense character and culture. However, there are other ways to immerse oneself in what the city is about, and that is by visiting one of the countless museums the city has to offer.

Freddi Wald reviews some of the best Seattle area museums that are deserving of a spot in any visitor’s schedule.

Freddi Wald

Seattle Art Museum

The Seattle Art Museum, also known as SAM, is a hub for internationally renowned visual arts pieces and rotating exhibits that keep the grounds alit with excitement and relevant art pieces. It has been a popular visiting center for art enthusiasts since 1933, so it is cultivated a long-standing history and reputation in the world of art and aesthetic.

This is only one of many family-friendly museums on this list, and it offers opportunities for teachers to bring their classes for educational trips, families to bring their kids for festivals or art classes, and resources for students needing a deeper dive into a specific subject of interest. The museum is open Wednesday through Sunday weekly, from 10AM-5PM.

Museum of Pop Culture

The Museum of Pop Culture, often called moPOP, is a must-see for tv junkies, music enthusiasts, and other creative beings. They have made it their mission to connect and unite the community by offering educational, immersive, motivating, and exciting exhibits unlike anything available anywhere else. 

The architecturally impressive building holds parties for upcoming films, provides dive exhibits into bands like Pearl Jam and Nirvana, houses a Sound Lab where musicians can experiment with production, and has a Guitar Gallery that features instruments played by music legends like Brandy Carlile and Nancy Wilson.

The museum is open every day except Wednesdays from 10AM to 5PM.

Chihuly Garden and Glass

The Chihuly Garden and Glassis a gorgeous, colorful, and incredibly unique experience for visitors to the area. It offers works of art that cannot be seen anywhere else, making it a worthwhile visit for all tourists. The museum was named after glass artist Dale Chihuly and features a collection of his works and pieces.

There are eight exhibits and three drawing walls that showcase Chihuly’s works, a gorgeous glasshouse that has a 40 ft. tall sculpture hovering on the ceiling, a garden with glass works and unique plants to complement each piece, and a theater that showcases the process of creating glass works.

The museum is open year-round, give or take some reservations for private parties.

Freddi Wald

Frye Art Museum

Founded in 1952, the Frye Art Museumis a great spot for lovers of modern and contemporary art pieces alike. It has a classic museum feel, complete with large wooden floors and oil paintings bordered with large gold frames. Most pieces hail from the 19th and 20th centuries and were gifted to the museum. With 232 works in the collection, it is certainly worth a visit.

Outside of seeing art, visitors may also be interested in programs that include insights about certain artists, drawing events for aspiring artists, and discussion-based visits for those who love to talk about the works on display.

The museum is open every Wednesday to Sunday from 11AM to 5PM.