Freddi Wald

The Best Cities to View Vibrant Art in the United States

Freddi Wald

From those who studied art in college to those who just like to feast their eyes on works of beauty, various places around the United States of America boast artistry that delights the senses. While tourists may occasionally stumble upon these spots unintentionally, locals revel in their hometowns’ talented creators.

Freddi Wald provides insight into the best-known cities to behold some of the most jaw-dropping sculptures, murals, street art, and galleries that the nation has to offer.

Columbia in South Carolina

No visit to Columbia in South Carolina is complete without a trip to The Vista. It’s a city district filled to the brim with publicly available art. 

Exploring the streets alone is a journey for the eyes, but the city also has a gorgeous display of over 12 galleries featuring artwork by local, regional, and international artists. 

On top of that, visitors can relish in the city’s public art driving tour, keeping their eyes peeled for sculptures, monuments, and other masterpieces as they go. 

Grand Rapids in Michigan

There are many sculptures dotted throughout Grand Rapids, but the most notable is the La Grande Vitesse. Avid Instagrammers may have seen the 42-ton sculpture grace their feeds at least once or twice, as it serves as an iconic photography spot for residents and tourists alike. 

The Avenue for the Arts also created five Artposts across the city. They’re miniature art galleries that visitors also won’t want to miss. 

Hattiesburg, Mississippi

This Mississippi town is known for its art and the viewing opportunities it provides for enthusiasts of every age. 

The art-based experience starts at the Hattiesburg Public Art Trail, boasting over 40 murals, hand-painted utility boxes, and sculptures.

Upon reaching the downtown area, the Hattiesburg Pocket Museum is, as the name suggests, a mini museum ensconced in 3D installations and so much more.

And located on William Carey University’s campus sits the Lucile Parker Gallery, an essential to any trip to Mississippi. 

Washington DC

Washington DC is rich in art culture.  While there are many notable museums and art installations, consider some of the smaller art venues like the Phillips Museum, Women’s History Museum, and the new Rubell Museum.

Freddi Wald

Monterey County, California

Once tourists have spent enough time gazing at the Pacific Ocean, this area provides a myriad of captivating murals to enjoy.

The Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail is brimming with jaw-dropping pieces. Since the coronavirus pandemic, nine new murals have appeared throughout its public art scene.

Furthermore, the town contains numerous art galleries showcasing regional pieces. 

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is a perfect destination for those who want to see expansive street art.

Roosevelt Row is considered the best place to view the murals — it’s the city’s art district, after all. With a glorious masterpiece on almost every corner, art enthusiasts will never get bored of the local talent. 

Strasburg, Virginia

Despite being a small town, Strasburg displays a stunning collection of contemporary murals throughout the center. There’s even a museum of the arts and film!

These seven cities are certainly worth a visit for those who are keen on experiencing the best talent that the nation’s local artists have to offer.